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Peripherals For The Spectrum

Various interfaces etc..


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In-line power switch for 48K Spectrum

In-line Power Switch for 48K Spectrums

A brand new on-off switch cable that connects between the DC jack of the Spectrum PSU and the computer's power socket. Saves wear and tear on the Spectrum DC input and eliminates the need to constantly connect / disconnect the DC plug for reset etc.

The switch leads have been specially wired to switch the positive supply line, which generic switch cables do not when used with the Spectrum. 

Please note before ordering: Some early Spectrum PSUs have a smaller diameter DC jack plug than is standard for modern 2.1mm jack sockets. To fit the socket on this cable the PSU plug (metal barrel) needs to be 5.5mm wide (not 5.0mm) - to the naked eye it's hard to tell so it's best to lay the DC jack on a ruler and use a magnifying glass. The shape is also slightly different - please see this diagram as a guide.

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Replacement DC jack plug for Spectrum UK1400 PSU

Replacement DC Jack plug for Spectrum PSU

  • Good quality replacement for original PSU jack.
  • Remember when soldering: The Spectrum PSU is unusual in that the inner pin is negative and the outer barrel is positive. (Getting these reversed will fry your Spectrum!)
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Retroleum SMART Card interface for Sinclair ZX Spectrum

SMART Card Interface

A brand new interface card designed by myself (Phil / Retroleum) aimed at Spectrum 48K users who want a simple, plug and play method of loading game files quickly from an SD Card: Upon power up, you are presented with a directory of the SD Card from which you can select a game using the joystick or keys. The loader supports .sna files and in addition, many .tap files found on are compatible. 

Although aimed at retro gamers, the SMART Card also has extra features such as a ROM manager (sixteen different ROMs can be stored in its flashRAM), 128KB of onboard RAM. A Diagnostic ROM is pre-loaded as one of the alternate ROMs - this can be used test Spectrum hardware and indicate faulty RAM chips etc.The SMART card has an on-board Kempston joystick interface and reset buttons. More information can be found here

Stock update: 23/6/2017 - I hope to have more made in about a week.

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